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Boating tips for in and around the canals of Amsterdam.

  • Always keep to the starboard shore.
  • Canal touring boats have the right of way, as do rowing boats and pedalos.
  • Do not sail too close behind a canal touring boat; the eddy caused by the propeller can make you deviate from your course.
  • Know your sloops turning circle, its paddlewheel effect and its stopping distance, so all the narrow passages and bridges in the canals can be negotiated successfully.
  • Sail calmly, this makes sudden manoeuvres and obscured junctions easier to handle.
  • On open water where large ships sail, look back a lot, as they will sail faster than you think!
  • Make sure that you do not sail in their blind spot (this can be 350 m. from the fore-part of the ship), you should always be able to see the helmsman!