Taking boating lessons at boating school Bateaulien means

  • Interactive, expressive explanation
  • in small groups of 4 people maximum
  • On sloop Nymphea  7,5m x 2,5m. inboard diesel, 44hp. 

Lesson options

Basic course sailing

To learn how to sail or to gain more experience.

  • In 5 classes of 3 uur explaining the basics while sailing the sloop Nymphea.
  • There will be sailing on the Nymphea on the Amstel River and the canals of Amsterdam.
  • Now it is also possible to follow classes on driving a 5hp outboard motor on the rowing flat-boat Thor, 2 people max.

This course pays attention to:

  • safety on board
  • basic knowledge of the engine
  • communication on board
  • manoeuvres and the belaying of lines
  • rules of the waterways
  •  other shipping and their characteristics
  • nautical charts and ropework

Course price: € 275,- p.p. per course. based on a grouplesson of min 3 and max 4 people.

Private class

For everyone who would like to learn how to sail a boat or who would like the extra practise.

  • Tailor made classes
  • Course dates and times by appointment (min. 2 hours)
  • Price: € 57,50 per hour, € 80,- per hour for 2 to 3 people.
  • Class can be taught in English.

Lessons on your own ship

For if you have a ship / sloop / dinghy of your own and you want to become more skilled and have more fun in manoeuvring it.

  • The lessons are tailor made, so specific challenges can be addressed
  • Classes are by appointment, min.1, max. 3 people
  • Course price: € 57,50 per hour, € 80,- per hour for 2-3 people

CWO Diploma’s

For who wants to get a CWO diploma.
(CWO = Commissie Watersport Opleidingen)

As the boating school is CWO recognised, it means that:

  • You can graduate for your CWO motorboat I-II-III certificate on the Nymphéa
  • And for your CWO outboard motor I-II-III certificate on the Thor
  • Course on request


For more information or an appointment please call 06-55867751.

Vaarles op reddingssloep Nymphea
Vaarles op reddingssloep Nymphea