Speedboot kán harder dan 20 km/u

Speedboot can go faster than 20 km/h

For the Boatmasters’s certificate part 1 & 2 there is a lot of theory to learn. Boating school Bateaulien helps you out by offering interactive classes with lots of practical examples.

When do you need the small Boatmasters’s certificate?     

  • If you sail a boat longer than 15 metres.
  • If you sail a boat capable of going in excess of 20 kph (rubber dinghies with powerful outboard motors, jet skis, water scooters, speedboats)
  • If you sail a pleasure yacht of 15 to 25 metres long.
  • If you sail a commercial vessel of 15 to 20 metres long.

Boatmasters’ certificate part 1 course

Consists of 6 lessons: 5 theory and 1 practical lesson. During the last class of the Boatmasters’ certificate part 1 we will sail in the canals and on the IJ with the Nymphéa, making the theory visible and recognizable. A mock exam will also be exercised.

Boatmasters’ certificate part 1 will teach you:

  • the rules for sailing on rivers, canals and lakes
  • basic knowledge of the engine
  • handling of your ship
  • safety on board
  • basic knowledge of meteorology
  • buoyage system
  • optical signals of ships

New courses Boatmasters’ certificate start regularly, please call for info and dates.

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Boatmasters’certificate part 2 course

Consist of 6 lessons, including a mock exam which will teach you:

  • the rules of sailing on open water such as the sea, the Meuse River, the Westerscheldt
  •  the Ems estuary
  •  theory on sailing in tidal waters
  • navigation using a plotter and a pair of compasses on a chart

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VHF maritime radio

When you sail a ship with a VHF maritime radio on board, you will need a basic certificate VHF maritime radio to operate the inland navigation VHF maritime radio-telephone.

A ship longer than 20 metres is obliged to have a VHF maritime radio (sometimes two, depending on the area you sail in) on board.

The basic certificate VHF radio course consists of 2 lessons, in which the theory of call discipline and a mock exam will be treated.

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CBR logoThe examinations are conducted by CBR, only in Dutch available, a translator is recommended.